Know the Various Types of Cleaning Agents to All Your Cleaning Needs

The word cleaning covers several areas of duties, from dusting to housekeeping, spring cleaning, washing, dry cleaning, grime removal and so on. Cleaning can be manual, automated or electronic, and the performance of these means broadly defines the task of cleaning.

In general, there are different kinds of cleaning agents or detergents that take the task of cleaning. There are some means that are familiar to us in our daily use and there are also some that are used specifically in a cleaning function. To learn more about Cleaning Products, click Lemi Shine . Among the forms of cleaning detergents, the soap is the most common form and is considered surface active agents of cleaning.

Know that natural fats and oils made up the components of soaps, while synthetic detergents use chemicals that are derived from petroleum. Soap has its advantages when using, and these are that it can easily form a gel when dissolved in water and it is an effective bactericide. Although they can be more expensive because of the scum it forms when in hard water because of the calcium and magnesium contents, thus grease builds up easily on surfaces that are smooth and making surface slippery.

Cleaning detergents have other types, and these are anionic detergent, non-ionic detergent, cationic detergent, alkaline detergent, and amphoteric detergent.

Commonly known as neutral detergent is the anionic detergent, which is common and inexpensive form of soap less detergent that comes in liquid or powder form. This detergent is considered excellent in cleaning all types of floors and you can use it with a polishing machine or mopping equipment.
The non-ionic type of detergent acts as a foam booster when mixed with an anionic detergent. Discover more about Cleaning Products. This detergent is neither acidic nor alkaline, making it compatible with several ingredients thus it is widely used in various formulations. This type of detergent is very effective in removing grease and oil, and is far easier to rinse.

The next detergent is acidic in nature and when dissolved, carries a positive charge, and this is the cationic detergent. It has a characteristic of low-foam, thus making it effective to repel dust. To use this detergent however, you have to combine it with a non-ionic detergent to make your cleaning effective.

Alkaline detergent has the properties of detergent but containing no soap because of its water soluble alkali compound nature. This detergent is mostly used for dirt and grime that are heavily accumulated. Note though that this can be corrosive to your skin and with several applications, may cause surface damages like metal corrosion in bronze and copper. Learn more from